Indigo Moon Mosaics
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Mosaic Murals
Large-scale mosaic pieces with a theme, often created with schoolchildren as a community or school improvement project.      Click on a piece for more detail

Welcome Sign mosaicWelcome Sign
Rosa Parks mosaicRosa Parks
We Love To Read mosaicWe Love To Read
Outer Space mosaicOuter Space
Roll of Thunder mosaicRoll of Thunder
Pharoah mosaicPharoah
It's In Our Hands mosaicIt's In Our Hands
Fractions and Decimals mosaicFractions and Decimals
Welcome! mosaicWelcome!
Garden Through My Window mosaicGarden Through My Window
Providence, My Hometown mosaicProvidence, My Hometown
You Are Here mosaicYou Are Here
Save the Bay Mural mosaicSave the Bay Mural
Harriet Tubman Mural mosaicHarriet Tubman Mural
Inspiration Mosaic mosaicInspiration Mosaic
Rainforest Mosaic mosaicRainforest Mosaic
In Honor of Mr. Kane mosaicIn Honor of Mr. Kane
Dr. King mosaicDr. King
Kindness Towards Everyone mosaicKindness Towards Everyone
Immigration Mosaic mosaicImmigration Mosaic


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