Indigo Moon Mosaics
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Mosaic Artwork
Mosaic pieces created purely for their aesthetic qualities. Pieces include wall hangings and new 3-dimensional mosaic sculptures.      Click on a piece for more detail

Cardinal mosaicCardinal
Hot Sauce mosaicHot Sauce
Pigeon mosaicPigeon
Two Pigeons mosaicTwo Pigeons
Hannah's Pigeon mosaicHannah's Pigeon
Popo McGillicuddy mosaicPopo McGillicuddy
Scary Mask mosaicScary Mask
Queen Esther Mask mosaicQueen Esther Mask
African Mask mosaicAfrican Mask
Pink Piglet mosaicPink Piglet
Blue Piglet mosaicBlue Piglet
Purple Piglet mosaicPurple Piglet
Brookie Two mosaicBrookie Two
California Trout mosaicCalifornia Trout
Pink Chicken mosaicPink Chicken
Yellow Calf mosaicYellow Calf
Elephant mosaicElephant
Rhino mosaicRhino
Hippo mosaicHippo
Striper mosaicStriper
Bluefish mosaicBluefish
Mackerel mosaicMackerel
Happy Fish mosaicHappy Fish
Seafood Sign mosaicSeafood Sign
cedar waxwing mosaiccedar waxwing
skipping rope mosaicskipping rope
what makes your heart sing mosaicwhat makes your heart sing
winter tree mosaicwinter tree
garden girl mosaicgarden girl
chickens mosaicchickens
For the Radium Girls mosaicFor the Radium Girls
the woods mosaicthe woods
Election Day mosaicElection Day
moby dick mosaicmoby dick
dick moby mosaicdick moby
keeping close mosaickeeping close
saying goodbye mosaicsaying goodbye
childhood totem mosaicchildhood totem
little lucy mosaiclittle lucy
nuthatch mosaicnuthatch
birches mosaicbirches
flicker mosaicflicker
skier mosaicskier
winter scene mosaicwinter scene
barn owl mosaicbarn owl
screech owl mosaicscreech owl
two birds talking mosaictwo birds talking
chicken mosaicchicken
little brown bird mosaiclittle brown bird
little blue bird mosaiclittle blue bird
Scott's Bike mosaicScott's Bike
bicycle mosaicbicycle
christian's bird mosaicchristian's bird
virginia's bird mosaicvirginia's bird
splendor of the inner hedgehog mosaicsplendor of the inner hedgehog
little hedgehog mosaiclittle hedgehog
rainbow trout mosaicrainbow trout
brook trout mosaicbrook trout
Brown Trout mosaicBrown Trout
Kate's Bird mosaicKate's Bird
Hedgehog mosaicHedgehog
Honesty Plant mosaicHonesty Plant
Listen! mosaicListen!
Kind Owl mosaicKind Owl
Self Portrait mosaicSelf Portrait
Lachrymose mosaicLachrymose
Sock Monkey mosaicSock Monkey
Circle Irrigation at the Oxbow mosaicCircle Irrigation at the Oxbow
Birds on a Wire mosaicBirds on a Wire
Deer at Night mosaicDeer at Night
Olivia's Bird mosaicOlivia's Bird
Green Bird mosaicGreen Bird
Orange and Purple Bird 2 mosaicOrange and Purple Bird 2
Dogs in Space mosaicDogs in Space
Little Red Bird mosaicLittle Red Bird
Heather's Bird mosaicHeather's Bird
Kim's bird mosaicKim's bird
Kathy's birds mosaicKathy's birds
autumn birches mosaicautumn birches
orange bird with yellow flowers mosaicorange bird with yellow flowers
Julie's bird mosaicJulie's bird
for Kathy and Scott mosaicfor Kathy and Scott
winter woods mosaicwinter woods
Ronnie's bird mosaicRonnie's bird
Artifacts of Tomorrow mosaicArtifacts of Tomorrow
Triptych  mosaicTriptych
blue bird 2 mosaicblue bird 2
Orange and Purple Bird mosaicOrange and Purple Bird
Two Birds mosaicTwo Birds
Casey's Bird mosaicCasey's Bird
First Bird Mosaic  mosaicFirst Bird Mosaic
Bird Mosaic II mosaicBird Mosaic II
Bird Mosaic III mosaicBird Mosaic III
Bird Mosaic IV mosaicBird Mosaic IV
Bird Mosaic V mosaicBird Mosaic V
Bird Mosaic VIII mosaicBird Mosaic VIII
Bird Mosaic IX mosaicBird Mosaic IX
Bird Mosaic VI mosaicBird Mosaic VI
Pole Vault mosaicPole Vault
In The Middle Of It mosaicIn The Middle Of It
Smokestacks mosaicSmokestacks


All images © Copyright 1998-2023, Jess Regelson, Indigo Moon Mosaics
Providing private and public mosaic commissions and installations, including shower floors, backsplashes, hearths, sculptures and murals.
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