Indigo Moon Mosaics
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Mosaic Maps
Unique mosaic maps made from tile, found objects, broken dishes. Piece placement reflects the locale on the map.      Click on a piece for more detail

Teepee Map mosaicTeepee Map
Liz and David's Map mosaicLiz and David's Map
USA Map A mosaicUSA Map A
Serpent Map mosaicSerpent Map
Patchwork Map mosaicPatchwork Map
Little Map mosaicLittle Map
Neighborhood Map 1 mosaicNeighborhood Map 1
Neighborhood Map 2 mosaicNeighborhood Map 2
Neighborhood Map 3 mosaicNeighborhood Map 3
Larry's map mosaicLarry's map
The Very First One mosaicThe Very First One
Alan's Map mosaicAlan's Map
Pernilla's Map mosaicPernilla's Map
Map of Rhode Island mosaicMap of Rhode Island
USA Map 6 mosaicUSA Map 6
Petie and Lianne's map mosaicPetie and Lianne's map
US Map (Framed) mosaicUS Map (Framed)


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Providing private and public mosaic commissions and installations, including shower floors, backsplashes, hearths, sculptures and murals.
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