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Indigo Moon Mosaics : Pricing

Prices for artwork range from $60-$300, depending on the size. Most of the artwork shown on this site is 12" x 12" ($180). In addition, there is a charge for shipping. Payment may be made by check or online using Paypal.

I often make custom mosaics, both artwork and pieces for installation, such as back splashes, hearths, shower floors, etc.

The price for custom work is based on materials used and complexity of the design. Price range is $180-$350/sq. foot (including material).

If you are in the area, I can install the piece. If far away, I can send it to you and it can be installed by a professional tile person. In such cases, the mosaic arrives on a flexible mesh backing and can be glued and grouted in place.

Please contact me about the price of any mosaic. Some are already sold, but I can make a new version of an old piece.

52 Dexterdale Road
Providence, R.I. 02906

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